MAHIP- The King among Salt Spray Test Chambers

MAHIP Salt Spray Chambers are future oriented accelerated corrosion
testing systems that deliver unmatched accuracy consistently. These have
been designed to enhance the user experience by simplifying the test
methodology, thereby reducing OPERATOR DEPENDENCE. Mahip Salt Spray
machines now come equipped with a high speed on-board computer
(Programmable Logic Controller), and a 65,000 colour touchscreen Human
Machine Interface.

Mahip - India's Premium Salt Spray Chambers
MAHIP- Metal Treatment Chemicals

At Mahip Industries, we manufacture a variety of Metal Treatment Chemicals for
the Engineering Industry.

Our Product Range includes:
  • Pickling Chemicals - Inhibitors, Fume Suppressor, Neutralisers
  • Pre-treatment Chemicals - Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating or
    Bonderising, Sealing Chemicals for both paint pre-treatment and cold
    forging applications.
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Mahip pronounced as ma-heep means King
in Sanskrit, the ancient mother language
Mahip Industries India - Salt Spray Chambers
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