Metal Treatment Chemicals
Pickling Additives
  • PIKLAD- 513 is a pickling inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid Baths
  • PIKLAD- 523 is a pickling inhibitor for Sulphuric Acid Baths
  • DEFUMEX is a fume suppressor for both Hydrochloric and Sulphuric acid baths
  • NEUTROLYTE is a post-pickling acid neutralizing cum passivating chemical to be
    used at 3-5% in tap water.

Pre-treatment Chemicals
his range includes chemicals used to impart phosphate coatings (also known as
bonderising or parkerising) before further treatment such as painting/powder coats, cold
forging/ drawing or other similar operations.

1. METAL CLEANERS are used to clean metallic surfaces thoroughly from
processing residues and other soils/dirt. Formulations are provided on the basis of base
metal composition, type of dirt/soil to be removed, etc. Some standardised products are:
  • ALKLEEN 10D- Heavy Duty Alkaline cleaner
  • ALKLEEN 7- Heavy duty Alkaline cleaner, Caustic free. Can also be used on
    copper/brass and Aluminum
  • ALKLEEN 7S- same as above but for spray application

2. DERUSTING CHEMICALS are used to remove scale and rust from jobs prior
to phosphating/ plating
  • PIKLEEN 205- Suitable for use for pre-treatment. Phosphoric Acid based
  • PIKLEEN 200 – Economical solution, based on inhibited mineral acids

3. PHOSPHATING COMPOUNDS offered are of the following two types:
  • KOTERITE- 275 is an economical compound based on three coating
    cations (not tri-cationic). Excellent salt spray results (with paint)
  • KOTERITE- 99 is low temperature, spray type
  • KOTERITE- 125 is medium temperature, tri-cationic dip type
  • KOTERITE- 225 is a computer optimized heavy coating type, operating
    at 55-60 ºC
  • KOTERITE- 120 is medium coating type economical solution
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Wire Rods being pickled for drawing