Losses caused by corrosion account for approx. 3% (US$ 279 Billion each year) of the
GDP of the US alone (as per a study conducted by NACE). In India, this is expected to be
even more in terms of percentage of the GDP. This loss by corrosion can easily be
reduced by the use of available  preventive technologies.

The entire engineering industry knows by experience, the pain of losing the market-ability
of a precision engineered product due to rusting or corrosion.

We, at Mahip Industries, are enabling the industry in the above endeavour by helping in
the choice of anti-corrosion products and in fine tuning of anti-corrosion processes such
as plating, pretreatment, painting, etc., and then in maintaining consistency so as to
deliver corrosion-free products.

Salt Spray Testing represents the latest and the most widely accepted international
method of assessing and validating the quality and performance of anti-corrosion
coatings such as organic coatings (paints/lacquer with pretreatment), metallic coatings
(galvanizing/ nickel chrome plating) and other inorganic/conversion coatings such as
aluminum anodizing, auto black, phosphating, ceramic coating, etc.

Mahip Salt Spray Machines are one of India’s most modern, reliably consistent, and long
lasting corrosion test systems. These test equipment, which have been designed by
Process Engineering specialists, employ many innovative features to ensure constancy of
the process, and hence consistency of the results. Mahip Industries prides itself in the fact
that Mahip Salt Spray Machines are mature products of in-house design, research and
development, and not cheap clones of some imported brands.

Mahip Salt Spray Machines adhere to the principle of combining technical function,
ergonomics and design to provide the user with a superior testing system. This is true for
a great variety of technical and practical details as well as for the price/performance ratio,
whereby we gave equal weight to capital and operating costs. The Machine series is
characterized by its user friendly overall design; it is virtually corrosion-proof, has low
energy requirements and is almost entirely built in modular form. The Mahip series of Salt
Spray Test Machines allows selective and reproducible accelerated corrosion testing
complying with the requirements of relevant national and international standards such as

ISO-9227, ASTM B-117, ASTM B-368, DIN-50021, BS
, etc.
Corrosion Testing
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