Key Features
Mahip Salt Spray Machines are now equipped with the state-of-the-art high speed
Microprocessor (Programmable Logic Controller), that automates the testing process,
thereby reducing dependence on a trained operator. The 7” wide format, 65000 colour
TFT touch screen provided on the panel accepts interactive inputs from the operator,
and displays process programming makes the operation a child’s play. Furthermore, it is
equipped with a unique data and instructions for operation. The touch screen menu
driven user friendly interactive Automatic Low Water Level sensing system with Audio-
Visual Warning. This helps in reducing breakdowns.

The unique Datalogging system logs the process temperature, alongwith date and time.
Besides providing information on the process during operator absence, this feature can
be of immense use for keeping a tab on the authenticity of the tests conducted by
operator/ vendor by OE manufacturers.

MAHIP SALT SPRAY APPARATUS conforms to the latest international standards:
  • ISO: 9227-2003: Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres –
    Salt spray tests
  • ASTM B 117: Standard Test Method of Salt Spray (Fog)
  • ASTM B 368: Standard Test Method for Copper-Accelerated
    Acetic Acid- Salt Spray (Fog) Testing (CASS Test)
  • DIN 50021: Salt spray testing

Our machines are built to outperform and outlast competition, by design.
Practicality, ease of use, and maintainability lie at the root of the design.
Some of the novel features include:
  1. Totally non-metallic construction inside the chamber ensures
    cleanliness and long service life. Unique atomizer made from
    thermally stable polymers and high strength glass ensures
    uninterrupted service life with uniform spray distribution.
  2. Innovative Spray Tower located at one end of the chamber enables
    testing of larger/ longer components. This Spray Distributor
    removes any solution droplets to deliver uniform dense fog, and
    ensures uniform distribution of fog in the chamber.
  3. Automatic Purging of fog before opening of lid, for the benefit of
    operator and the laboratory atmosphere.
  4. External casing made of special corrosion proof composite material,
    to maintain aesthetics over a longer period of time.
  5. Touch screen, menu driven interactive programming with graphical
    logging of chamber temperature

Mahip Salt Spray Chambers are available in two models-
  • Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Model, and
  • Copper Accelerated acetic acid Salt Spray (CASS) Model
to suit the two types of Salt Spray testing laid down by international
standards. Mahip Salt Spray Chambers are available in two sizes: 430 Liter
and 800 Liter capacities. (Larger sizes available on request).
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The 65,000 colour TFT touchscreen,
coupled with user friendly program
-ming, makes the operation very
easy, even for a new operator.
Two screen-shots of the operating
program. Notice the detailed
instructions for the operator
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