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  1. Reduced dependence on a trained operator. The 7” colour TFT touch screen
    (coupled with state-of-the-art PLC that automates the testing process) accepts
    interactive inputs from the operator, and displays process data and interactive
    instructions for operation. The touch screen menu driven user friendly
    programming makes the operation a child’s play.
  2. Better process control in terms of the required parameters of temperature, pH,
    precipitation, etc. ensures constancy of results.
  3. Corrosion resistant fog chamber made from Hi-Grade Co-polymerized Plastic Glass.
    Acrylic+ glass nozzle, virtually free from erosion and corrosion for long service life.
  4. Long life of equipment due to choice of materials and robust construction.
  5. User-friendly variable positioning for test specimens.
  6. For CASS Models, external heating of fog chamber using safe, air based system.
  7. Self maintaining Hydrostatic hood seal prevents leakage of corrosive fog.
  8. Ergonomic arrangement of the operating panel and display instruments
  9. Digital process value displays, with a time based log of the chamber temperature
    for an effective check against ‘doctored testing’
  10. Ready-to-plug in, modular construction. No need for assembly or commissioning
    on site.
  11. Low power requirement.
  12. Low solution consumption.
  13. Test equipment design provides ease of service, all parts being easily accessible.
  14. Heater performance and solution levels are being continuously monitored for
    correct operation. In the event of any malfunction of the above parameters, gives
    out an audio-visual alarm, while the HMI screen displays the error message in plain
    clear language. This helps to prevent any consequent problems such as heater or
    pump burnouts.
  15. A special Voltage Monitor continuously scans the power source for correct voltage
    range, and in the event of over or under voltage, cuts off supply to the
    equipment, thereby saving expensive equipment from burnouts.

  • Neutral Salt Spray: ISO 9227, ASTM B-117, DIN-50021;
  • CASS Test: ISO 9227, ASTM B 368
Establish and check/validate your own
in-house plating/ painting processes
Compare coatings/corrosion protectives
and chemicals from different suppliers
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